Current projects

Past projects

  • DigiLing: Trans-European e-learning hub for Digital Linguistics, 2016-2019, project leader
  • QUIKK: QUadrilingual Knowledge Base for Karstology, 2016-2017, researcher
  • JANES – Research of Non-Standard Slovene2014-2015, researcher
  • Slovene Sign Language Corpus (SIGNOR), 2011-2014, project leader
  • Slovene Translation Studies – Research and Resources, 2009-2012, project leader
  • Evaluating the Slovene and Hungarian Wordnet in MT, bilateral project with the Hungarian Academy of Science, 2009-2011, researcher
  • Slovene Terminology Portal, 2007-2009, researcher
  • M2-0132 Voicetran II: multilingual portable speech communicator, 2006-2008; researcher
  • Leonardo da Vinci “eCoLoTrain: eContent Management and Localization Training”, 2005-2007, coordinator of the Slovene team
  • MultiLexi – Bilateral project of scientific cooperation with the Republic of Portugal, 2004-2006, project leader
  • J6-6078 Slovene Translations of German texts in the period 1848-1919, 2004-2008, researcher
  • M2-0019 Voicetran: multilingual portable speech communicator, 2004-2006; researcher
  • V6-0121 Designing the Slovene Corpus Network, 2004-2006; researcher
  • V2-0894 Developing Resources and a System for Machine Simultaneous Interpreting, 2003-2005; researcher, head of the partner institution project team
  • L6-5409 Language Resources for Slovene, 2003-2005; researcher
  • MuchMore, EU/NSF-funded project, 2000-2003; researcher within the framework of the DFKI research institute
  • Parallel Slovene-English corpus IJS-ELAN, 1998-2000; corpus co-editor
  • Corpus of the Slovene language FIDA, 1998-2000; corpus co-editor