Špela Vintar
Full Professor
Department of Translation Studies
University of Ljubljana

  • Dept. of Translation Studies
    Faculty of Arts
    Aškerčeva 2
    SI – 1000 Ljubljana

    Room 24

    Tel. +386 1 241 1076
    Fax +386 1 241 1501

    spela.vintar at ff.uni-lj.si

    Office hours 2022-2023:
    Monday & Wednesday 12:00-13:00 (by appointment)

    • > Terminology mining and management
    • > Knowledge extraction
    • > Translation technologies
    • > Machine translation
    • > Digital linguistics
    • > Sign language corpora and linguistics

  • Špela Vintar is Full Professor at the Department of Translation Studies, University of Ljubljana, where she lectures in Translation Technologies, Terminology Management, Machine Translation and Localisation. She also co-ordinates the new interdisciplinary Master programme in Digital Linguistics. Her research interests involve various aspects of natural language processing and multilingual technologies, in particular multilingual terminology mining, knowledge modelling and MT evaluation. She has published over 60 scientific papers and participated in over 15 national and international research projects as researcher or leader. Publications include reviews of technological advances and their impact on the translation process, descriptions of innovative practices for localization training and the impact of Machine Translation to professional translation. More computationally oriented research includes experiments to improve MT by using unsupervised disambiguation and semantic lexicons. A second research focus is on developing technologies for knowledge extraction. She has developed methods for the extraction of semantic relations from medical texts, definition extraction methods and researched multilingual aspects of semantic relations. In the field of corpus-based translation studies she was leader of a 3-year research project Slovene Translation Studies – Resources and Research (2009-2012) within which the first translation corpus for Slovene was compiled (SPOOK), resulting in a number of corpus-based analyses published in a book titled Slovene Translations Through a Corpus Prism. In the field of terminology she has developed a system for bilingual term extraction from English-Slovene corpora (LUIZ) which has been implemented and tested in several research and applied projects (TERMIS, VoiceTRAN, JANES, TermFrame etc.). Recent research projects include  DigiLing: Trans-European e-Learning Hub for Digital Linguistics, 2016-2019, which developed 7 online courses for the emerging interdisciplinary field of Digital Linguistics. She has recently lead TermFrame, 2018-2021, a nationally-funded project exploring concept frames, visual representations and text mining for karstology.